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Topographical Red Line Rubicon Blackout Decal- Fits Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator JL Fender Vent Decal-Pair

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Topographical red line decal cut to fit inside the 2018 & newer Jeep Wrangler JL and 2020 and newer Jeep Gladiator fender vent.

Measures approximately 15" x 9.5".

Matte black background, gloss black topographic lines with gloss red. Decals are cut sent separately, for you to align. Apply red using the wet method first, then after dry, apply black decal using wet method. Red is a full sized vent decal, matte black is slightly smaller and applied on top of red. Gloss black lines will be applied on top of matte black.

Decal order comes as a pair- (1) driver side, (1) passenger side.

"Dark red" is closest to Rubicon red
"Orange" is closest to Mojave orange- It is slightly off, but fairly close. Message with any questions
-Listing video shows "Long" version. Long version will not fir Rubicon or Mojave due to higher fenders.

Customer Reviews

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Monica Clark
Need a refund

Waiting for a response to get a refund on my order.

For future reference you should probably change the name of your “Dark Red” to “Rubicon Red” to avoid any type of confusion.

Walner Sanchez
Waiting to receive the product

After many many days ( I don’t know now how many days ago I did the purchase) I didn’t receive rhe product. My purchase was done by December 25th and waiting yet for the product. This is something that never happened to me before with any product that I bought on line. It’s sad to say this because the product looks nice online.

Hi Walner- we're so sorry that your order got lost in the mail! After finding out, we were able to get your replacement out within two business days, so you should have your replacement here any day.

So sorry for the trouble!


Forrest La Chapelle

Wonderful, decal sets :-) :-) install is very straightforward, but takes a little bit of time, just make sure to watch the videos and enjoy yourself. Thank you!!

hector lopez justo

I love ❤️

Looks fantastic, take your time!

Very happy with the outcome, ordered the 3 piece topographic hood and vent decals. The backing pulled easily and the wet method worked well. The only issue I had was the top backing that holds the “1941” aligned with the rest of the sticker was difficult to separate. That did cause some frustration with the first (red) layer. On the next layer I simply, places everything separately as I already had my margins. Take your time, start with an extremely clean surface and it’ll look great!