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Color Line 1941 Mojave 392 Hood Decal Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator 2 Layer Decal

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1941 Mojave 392 Hood Decal

Measures approximately 25" x 22"

Design is cut out to show paint color through.

Black is Matte, all other colors gloss unless otherwise noted

Decal comes as two layers and is split on one side of the "1941". A colored base layer with a matte black top. You will apply the color layer, wait for it to dry and then apply the matte black on top. Black numbers may be separated for easier installation.

All vinyl is Oracal 651 unless otherwise noted.

Note: decal will be sent separated due to material/machine constraints. One half with 1941, other half without. Align decals for even gap around numbers.

"Dark red" color is closer to factory Jeep Rubicon red.
"Gold" is closest to 392
"Orange" color is closer to Jeep Mojave Orange.
Colors are close, but may vary slightly from factory colors. Please message with any questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mojave Hood Decal Looks awsome

The orange matches nice, installed by a professional sign shop for me, they commented on the quality of the decal. The orange outline around the hood bumpers really isn't visible, but the rest of the cut was perfect. I need to buy the bed strip now, given how good this looks.

Douglas Pond
Awesome Gladiator Decals! Thanks so Much!

Top notch!! Brendan was instrumental in helping me transform the appearance of my Mojave from the ordinary into an eye-catching look that is uniquely mine. Except for the hood decal, all of the decals were custom modifications of existing decal designs from L&B's catalog. Brendan was not only very friendly and timely in response to custom requests (by both email and phone), but also very expeditious and detailed in getting the decals created and shipped out to me. I’m still toying with the idea of adding a little more, but what I have now is obviously making a good impression given the numerous compliments passed on from other Jeep enthusiasts.

My decals were installed less than 4 months ago so I can't speak to anything regarding long-term durability other than to say "so far so good" signs of adhesive loss, fading, or any other signs of degradation due to exposure to the elements.

Installation does require some patience and finesse especially if it's your first time (as was mine) and make sure you set aside plenty of time…this is not something you’d want to rush through because after they’ve fully dried is not the time to discover errors…there is no turning back and you’re stuck with them (no pun intended…lol!). All the decals I put on my Jeep took me a total combined time of about 18 to 20 manhours, but I tend to be very fussy with the finished detail.

If you are installing multiple decals, then starting with the smallest one first is your safest bet - having a smaller coverage area makes them less resistive to sliding thus less likely to tear when pulling on the edges to get the best placement/alignment. Be mindful that the decal’s’ adherence strength will rapidly sneak up on you such that it won’t slide smoothly when pulling on the edges and begin to skip across the surface in a rapid start and stop motion making it harder if not impossible to bring the decal into alignment. If that happens, then you can get it to slide again by gently peeling the decal up from the surface and spraying a generous amount of the soap solution under the decal.

I can’t emphasize enough how critical the soap solution is to the process and don’t worry about spraying too much. I recommend adding 4 drops of soap instead of just 2 because it slowed down the decal adherence timing allowing more time to get it slid into place.

The most time-consuming part of the whole process is purging out the smaller entrapped air and water bubbles. If the decal adherence becomes so tight that you can’t push the bubbles out, you can use a hypodermic needle or small sewing needle to poke a hole in the bubble, but gently to prevent the needle from digging into the Jeep’s clear-coat finish.

Generally speaking, it was a fun thing to do and pleased with the outcome. The installation process got faster for each decal from knowing what to expect and learning what techniques worked best for me.

Jody Gaudet
Gladiator decals

Great experience and will definitely be doing more business with this company

Bryan Harris

Very nice very nice 👍🏻

William Mann

Super sick, was so sick I thought I was gonna be sick! Went awesome thanks guys and girls?!