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Topographical Body Stripe Color Line Rubicon Blackout Stripe Decal Set- fits 2018 and Newer Jeep Wrangler JL

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Color line decal cut to fit on the 2018 and newer Jeep Wrangler. 

Matte black with gloss color. Decal layers are cut separately, for you to align. Apply color using the wet method first, then after dry, apply black decal using wet method, then premasked gloss topographical layer.

This decal has no cutouts between the doors for easier alignment, you will cut at the door seams but comes as a 12 piece set (4 Gloss Color, 4 Matte Black, 4 Gloss design). 

Note: image in listing is a representation of the decal. Does not show exact scale and placement.

"Dark red" color is closest to factory Jeep Rubicon red.
"Orange" is closest to Mojave orange. 
"Gold" is closest to 392.

Colors may be slightly off, but will be fairly close. Message with any questions.

This decal is moderately challenging to apply- Please contact us with any questions.

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Customer Reviews

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mahmoud alshethry
Too long shipping time and too many missing items

It took 3 weeks to reach me coz of missing some address info.. and when I received it and start fixing the stuff I discovered too many missing parts not included:(

Hi Mahmoud, so sorry for any trouble experienced, especially with the shipping. Unfortunately with the shipping, it's based on what was entered and may not have alerted of any errors.

As for any missing parts, we're pretty sure we got everything packed for this order, but we would be more than happy to address anything that was missing.